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Date Palm Jaggery

Date Palm Jaggery made from the sap of naturally grown date palm trees is rich in essential nutrients and is an energy booster. Date Palm Jaggery contains ascorbic acid and certain B vitamins among other micro and macro nutrients unlike cane sugars. Date Palm Jaggery sugar is said to be the healthier type of sugar than cane sugar which is derived from sugar canes. 



Store in cool and dry place. Once opened store in a airtight jar/ container to enjoy the freshness till last bite. 

Shelf life – 8-9 months  


Health Benefits of Dates Jaggery 

Dates jaggery has many health benefits and should be made a part of your diet, especially in the winter season. 

Natural sweetener 

Jaggery, even the one made from sugarcane, is used as a natural sweetener. Dates jaggery or date palm jaggery is also a great sugar substitute and can be used as a natural sweetener. Unlike white or crystalised sugar which contains only empty calories, date palm jaggery contains nutrients which are beneficial for the body. Some studies suggest that date palm jaggery contains 60 times more minerals than white sugar. 

Stimulates digestion 

Date palm jaggery contains fibre, which plays an important role in the digestion and bowel movements. Food rich in fibre also slows the breakdown of sugar into the blood, which is beneficial for people with diabetes. 

Soothes migraine pain 

Anyone who suffers from migraine pain knows how troublesome they can be. Studies suggest that date palm jaggery can be an effective home remedy in providing immediate relief in case of a migraine headache. Include a spoon of date palm jaggery in your diet every day to prevent and treat migraine pain. 

Treats menstrual cramps 

Date palm jaggery can provide relief from menstrual and abdominal cramps. It promotes the production of endorphins, which help soothe pain and relax the muscles in the abdomen. You can add date palm jaggery to any warm beverage as a natural sweetener and consume it during your periods. 

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