Moringa Hibiscus Infusion

Moringa Hibiscus infusion
(Antioxidant-Rich Energy Booster)


  • Moringa
  • Hibiscus
  • Cymbopogon Coloratus Stapf ( lemongrass)
  • Aadya Organics 

  • Moringa has many important vitamins and minerals. The leaves have 7 times more vitamin C than oranges and 15 times more potassium than bananas. It also has calcium, protein, iron, and amino acids, which help your body heal and build muscle.

    Lemongrass is a rich source of flavonoids and phenolic compounds, which contain antioxidants. It's also an effective antibacterial and antifungal agent that contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Lemongrass contains quercetin, a flavonoid known for having antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits.

    Hibiscus It can help boost your immune system and may help to prevent cell damage caused by free radicals in the body. This can reduce your risk of developing many significant health complications such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Hibiscus tea contains other antioxidants, such as anthocyanins

  • Moringa Hibiscus Infusion has calcium, protein, iron, and amino acids

    lways consult with your healthcare provider if you wish to find out what is right for you. 

    **Although all our ingredients are 100% naturally gluten free and blended in our gluten free facility, may have been handled in facilities that process gluten containing grains before arriving to us.


  • Store airtight in a cool dry place


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