Self Care Father's Day Hampers

Our Fathers always wanted us to be strong and healthy, so let’s make sure to give the gift of health this Father’s day. When you are looking for a quality Father’s Day hamper, it's important to make sure that the vendor will live up to their promises. We have prepared your Father’s day gift with carefully curated healthy products. 


What it includes : 

1) Turmeric Super blend with Ashwaganda : Turmeric is a true superfood because it’s classified as an adaptogen, which means it helps the body adapt to stressors like environmental toxins, inflammatory foods, and lack of sleep. 

2) Almond Buckwheat Cookies : Wholesome buckwheat packs these bites with energizing protein and fiber, while heart-healthy almonds add a nutty crunch.

3) Gooseberry Bar ( Amla ) : These delicious amla bars are an antioxidant powerhouse, thanks to the star ingredient - amla! Packed with vitamin C, this tart dried fruit is combined with raisins, cashews and almonds into a sweet and healthy treat. Filled with body-boosting goodness, these bars are great whenever you need a healthy pick-me-up!

4) Keoira Candles : 

Scented candle with Golden Wattle fragrance

KEIORA’S Indigenous range is designed in collaboration with Zachary Bennett – Brook aka Saltwater Dreamtime.

KEIORA is a Sydney based Scented Soy Candle making company offering high quality luxury candles with exotic fragrances.The candles are all made in Australia. The triple wicked candles burn for 70 hours approximately. These tins are reusable and can be used as jewellery box.


5)  Mash Accessories Tie set: A  perfect gift which includes A tie, pocket square  and cufflink.  A collaboration with an award winning Indigenous artist Zachary Bennett Brook of saltwater Dreamtime we have created Men's accessories. 


6) Hug Mug by Robert Gordon : Designed to be cupped in your hands to enjoy the soothing warmth of freshly brewed tea or coffee, The Robert Gordon collection of Hug Me Mugs are appropriately named as they are designed to be warm and soothing like a hug!

Made from stoneware, these adorable Hug Me Mugs feature a semi-matte finish for the perfect contrast, great for entertaining and everyday use.

7) Date Palm Jaggery Satches : Date Palm Jaggery made from the sap of naturally grown date palm trees is rich in essential nutrients and is an energy booster. Date Palm Jaggery contains ascorbic acid and certain B vitamins among other micro and macro nutrients unlike cane sugars. Date Palm Jaggery sugar is said to be the healthier type of sugar than cane sugar which is derived from sugar canes. 

8) Kericho Gold Hangover Tea : 


Delete, fast forward
Hit play

Clean slate, an uplifting mix of green tea, ginger, and calming mint, we all deserve a second chance.

25 selfies

Ingredients: Green Tea, Mint & Ginger.


9) Wine is always an added bonus . 

Let your dad or grandpa know how much you appreciate them by wishing them well with a lovely gift from us. Our healthy fathers day hampers are here . So grab your now. 

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